Dr. Greg Oleson                                                       Dr. Corey Welchlin

Dr. Oleson from Armstrong IA and Dr. Welchlin from Fairmont MN have been long time friends and wanted to help both of their communities out in a way of combining orthopedics and chiropractic beliefs. Dr. Greg Oleson has been a long time patient and believer in spinal decompression systems. He tried it himself 16 years ago when he was in severe back pain. He was recommended spinal decompression for his lower back and leg pain. "I was about to throw in the towel and stop practicing chiropractic because i was in so much pain. After I went through all my sessions on a spinal decompression machine, I couldn't believe the results". Dr. Welchlin also believes that this chronic lower pain in the spine can be reduced immensely through the spinal decompression program.